All women’s tour to Vietnam

Vietnam is the beautiful diverse country which has its own unique culture and customs with a long, special traditons. Vietnam is a peaceful country with magnificent landscapes such as Halong Bay, Mekong Delta and Hanoi. It is an exciting destination that visitors return several times to experience,traditional festivals, Gastronomy, Religions, skillful art, unique lifestyle and friendly people...On  this all Womens tour you will have an unforgettable opportunity to learn about  Vietnam's  long-lasting history country and people. You will have great fun with your fellow traveller's as you test your skills in vietamese cooking. Bike ride to a local village where you’ll be introduced to one of the local families who will take you to their fields. Your first job will be helping to water the vegetables, a fine opportunity to feel what it’s like to use a bamboo shoulder-pole to carry water. It takes quite a bit of skill as well as strength. A good photo opportunity, if nothing else!

Enjoy a Tai Chi session before breakfast on board your Luxury Junk on Halong Bay., before boarding a  smaller board which takes us even farther from the touristy area, to the hidden nooks of the archipelago.

A whole day of fun and relaxation. More kayaking, more swimming, more sandy beaches, more floating houses, more local cuisine, definitely a "cruise++"...

Departure 3 January 2016
Days 16 days
Cost US$2950 10% discount plus 2 internal flight for bookings before 30 Sept 2015
LESS 10% DISCOUNT PLUS 2 INTERNAL FLIGHTS. If booked by the 30th September together with a deposit of $600 paid.

Tags: Womens Only